Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well, that sure caught on.

OK, so i knew i wouldn't do much blogging this month. But i didn't think it would only be one post, and that one being mainly about not blogging!

Especially given what's happened in the meantime.

5 days after my "Hello World" post, which is now 2 weeks ago, i finally moved out of home. A big enough deal to blog about, you would assume. Well yes, i always meant to blog about the multitude of reasons behind that, but fell into my usual cycle of procrastination.

I have so much more i want to blog about on this topic (probably in april, possibly may), but for now I'll just add my main observation:

It's not such a big deal.

All the hype, all the scaremongering, the disbelief from people. All this led me to expect more of a challenge, led me to expect more of a transition, something that i would think about.

So many times when i was talking about thinking of moving out, people (of my parents' age) told how it was so hard, such a challenge, that i wouldn't last the first week, I'd be coming home to do loads of washing. It was a waste of money, it was pointless, i already had everything etc. etc.

It does influence your thinking, and your decisions reflect it. For years, it put me off.

Eventually, i insisted that despite what everyone else was telling me, my own logic told me it was the right thing to do. I was moving out.

Suddenly, they all change their tune. 

They start talking about the lighter side of it. How much fun it could be, how much it opened up your options, how it it wasn't really so bad after all. how none of the problems were a big deal anyway.

Not only is that a much better description of how I'm finding it, i barely even feel like anything has changed. The main difference is that now, i know exactly what i have and where it is, and i now have complete control over what i do and when i do it. Everything in town is so much easier to get to now as well.

My only regret is waiting so long.